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Lee-Davis Medical Associates is proud to offer patients a new approach to medicine called “personal healthcare”.  Personal healthcare with Dr. Roger Cappello and Dr. Samuel Janney offers the patient an extensive and comprehensive physical exam which focuses on prevention and early disease detection which is then followed up by a comprehensive wellness plan tailored to each patient’s lifestyle.

The personal healthcare approach allows Dr. Cappello and Dr. Janney to limit the size of each of their practices to a maximum of 600 patients.  This means that patients are seen by the physicians in a smaller, more intimate practice setting with convenient same or next day appointments that start on time. 

There is an annual fee of $1250.00 for the comprehensive physical exam which is not covered by health insurance plans, but may be reimbursable through a flexible spending account with your employer.

If you are interested in learning more or taking advantage of this healthcare option for you and your family, please call 804-723-3337.  Your health is important to us which is why we are excited to offer you this novel practice model.